segunda-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2008

Dobry den

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Telma disse...

One day, when Kafka and his Hebrew teacher, Friedrich Thieberger were looking out over Old Town Square from a window of Oppelt House, Kafka pointed out his secondary school in Kinsky Palace; what they could see of the university where he had studied law; and, a little farther away, the location of his office. The writer twice gestured in a small circumference, condensing his entire existential space. “This small circle contains my whole life,” he told Thieberger. Prague had become both cage and refuge, a place that protected him from the natural world, but also a place that the writer changed in his dreams. We see how Kafka slowly creates the mesh, weaves the web, lays the foundations of his mysterious literary architecture.

CANHOTO* disse...

Olha, olha... O sacana foi a Praga?!? Mto bem...
Grd cidade... Tive lá 4 dias loucos durante o inter-rail mas fiquei com vontade de voltar com mais calma.